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1 Property Centre’s Key Factors



Weekly Disbursements – We disburse rent money to our owners every Friday.

Quarterly Inspections (Minimum of 3 per year) – You will be emailed a report every three months regarding the state of your property. If there are any damages we will take photos and email them to you. At this stage we will also take a water meter reading and invoice the tenants for Water Consumption every three months. The email will also contain our recommendations i.e. rental increases, lease renewals, etc.

24/7 Online Access – Download monthly statements 24hrs a day with your own personalised login and password.

Low Vacancy Rate – Currently finding new tenants in 7 – 10 days. If possible we move new tenants in the day after the old tenant moves out.

Keep You Well Informed – Communication is the most important key factor in making property investment a stress free experience. We feel we keep our landlords well informed at all times (Please refer to our Guarantee for response timeframes). You will receive emails at the Form 11 & 12 stage of rent arrears. We will call you directly if there is any emergency maintenance required. You will receive emails regarding non urgent maintenance and we will wait for your reply before actioning any maintenance/repairs. Quarterly reports will be emailed to you with recommendations regarding rent increases and lease renewals. We will respond to missed calls on the same day and emails within 1 business day.

‘Golden’ Tenants – We do our best to find tenants that we think will pay rent on time and look after the property. We have built a rapport with a number of companies that rent properties for their employees. These companies only come to 1 Property Centre when they require another property. We also keep application logs and actively chase and alert potential ‘Golden’ tenants when properties become vacant.

The Decision is Yours – You make all the decisions regarding tenancies and maintenance. We will give you our recommendations and inform you of any legalities that may arise, however the final decision is yours. We will send you a copy of each full application and call you directly to go through it with you.

Rent Arrears – We legally follow the rent arrears procedures as close as possible. If the tenant gets 3-7 days behind they will receive sms’s everyday informing them of their rent arrears. If their rent gets to 8 days behind we will personally knock on the door and hand deliver the ‘Form 11 – Notice to Remedy Breach’. At this stage we will also contact the tenant by phone and inform you by email that they are 8 days behind. If we haven’t received a rent payment in 7 days after delivering the Form 11 we will hand deliver a ‘Form 12 Notice to Leave’, which gives them 7 days to vacate the property. At this stage we will notify you and re-list the property to find new tenants as soon as possible.

Smoke Alarms – All smoke alarms must be inspected before a new tenant moves in and once a year after that. This is the minimum legal requirement as stated by the PAMD, Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) and Australian Standards 3786-1993 Smoke alarms. We have a Smoke Alarm Inspector who handles all inspections. Each inspection will be charged to the property at cost. If the tenant has taken down the smoke alarms and they cannot be found during the inspection, the tenant will have to pay for the replacement.

Maintenance – We will call you directly if there is any emergency maintenance required. You will receive emails regarding non urgent maintenance and we will wait for your reply before actioning any maintenance/repairs. All of the tradesmen we use are appropriately qualified, licensed, hold current public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We are happy to chase up quotes from different trades people to get you the best price.

Adaptable – 1 Property Centre is happy adapt to any situation that may arise. There are a number of companies in town that need rental properties for their staff. These companies often require packages including yard maintenance, Foxtel, furniture, regular internal cleaning, short leases, etc. In order to find you the best possible tenant we can create packages to include these extras in their rent.