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1 Property Centre’s Guarantee


1 Property Centre guarantees if you are not satisfied with the service you have been given you can take your property back on the day you give notice. We do not require 30-90 days written notice as we do not believe in holding your property for ransom.

So you know what to expect from 1 Property Centre, we have put our guarantee in writing below.


–  If your property manager is unavailable at any time during business hours and you leave a message, it will be returned the same business day.

–  We will respond to emails & faxes within 1 business day

–   24/7 online access to information regarding tenants, statements, rent paid to dates, lease dates and general property information.

–  Upon receipt of the vacating notice, we will:

    • Advise you via email within 24 hours.
    • List your property on the internet within 24 hours (if there is two weeks or less until the vacating date)

–  All tenancy applications will be processed within 1 business day of receipt.

–  Provide you with a hard copy of the Residential Tenancy Agreement & Property Condition Report (with full photo log attached).

–  While your property is listed for rent we will contact you via phone once a week to inform you of the progress.


–  You will be advised of all maintenance issues prior to proceeding.

(Unless the repair is legally defined as “urgent”).

 Rent Collection

–  In the event that your tenant ever fails to pay the rent on time, we will legally follow the rent arrears procedures as close as possible

–  We will inform you via email when a Form 11 and 12 have been delivered to the tenant within 24 hours.